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How it works

01 — Reporting Interruptions

Cross-functional team members quickly and easily report new interruptions with just a few clicks.

02 — Real-time Notifications

Authorized maintenance providers or nearby technicians are automatically notified so repairs can start immediately.

03 — Faster Responses

Operators, technicians and team members chat, instantly share files and collaborate in a centralized space.

Aviation management
Aircraft maintenance

04 — Case Summary and Dashboard

Management can access reports, job summaries, time logs and case records to see the bigger picture.

Beacon for operators

Accelerate return to service, safely.

Align your team

No matter the time and place, Beacon ensures all your information is available in one place.

Streamline your communication

Fully digital so you avoid duplicate calls, emails and unnecessary waiting.

Save time

Instantly notify your preferred maintenance providers or deploy technicians from your network.

Enhance visibility

Access your organization’s dashboard and see the full picture of your interruptions. Get summaries, generate reports and export records at anytime.

Beacon for maintenance providers

Streamline operations and find new opportunities.

Are you a maintenance provider or technician?

to connect with the network and collaborate in the ecosystem.

Connect with operators

Establish new relationships with operators, get job requests and collaborate directly to quickly and safely return planes to service.

Boost efficiency

Instantly chat, share pictures and receive files from maintenance control to enable more efficient troubleshooting and approvals.

Engage technicians

Get technicians onboard, see current statuses and view completed jobs to ensure alignment across the team.

Go mobile

Technicians utilize a mobile app to receive requests and work effortlessly.

Beacon on Phone

Download the technicians’ app

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Note: Beacon requires a valid A&P license (and/or Part 145 certificate) and compliance with local authorities regulations (FAA, EASA, and others.)