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At Embraer Digital, we don’t simply follow the lead, we disrupts convention, challenge current realities and work together together to rewrite the rules of mobility and human connection because we believe that there is always a better solution out there.
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We’re a distributed global team

We have offices and teams all around the world.
How is Beacon implemented?
The onboarding process begins with Beacon creating the MROs admin accounts. MROs will receive a welcome email with all of the information needed to get started. Next, MTX admin can add team members which triggers an email invitation to Technicians to join Beacon. After Technicians join and download the app, they will be asked to set their availability. Once that is completed, you will be able to begin receiving, creating and managing cases.
What happens to current systems and tools?
We think of Beacon not as a replacement for existing tools, but instead as an added layer that brings simplicity and ease. Beacon integrates with existing maintenance systems and can optimize communication tools such as WhatsApp, text messaging and phone calls with a more secure solution.
Can we use Beacon on shared devices?
Yes, but each user needs to make sure they login and logoff so that everyone is able to identify the exact mechanics working on and communicating during cases.
What is the cost to use Beacon?
Beacon is free to use for anyone receiving inbound messages or case assignments. If you’d like to make it a larger part of your operation, let’s talk.
Can I submit feedback?
Of course! We welcome any feedback that helps us improve our operations. You can submit feedback to support@beacon.works any time, 24 hours a day. Once your feedback is received, we will dispatch our team to respond to your question.
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Our values

How we work at Untitled

At Beacon, we value unity through shared values. Our human-centered design streamlines aviation workflows, empowering individuals to increase productivity.

Human-Centric Design

Our design ethos places users in the spotlight, the true protagonists of our design narrative.

Improve Team Coordination

Increase manpower by reducing time wasted switching between multiple screens and channels.

Access Data-Driven Insights

Easily collect and process data to quickly identity causes that affect the bottom line.


Pursuing excellence in every facet of our work mirrors the commitment to quality upheld by Embraer.


We empower our clients with robust tools and transformative insights, enabling them to effortlessly steer and control their operations.


Mirroring Embraer's commitment to innovation, we proactively seek and implement cutting-edge solutions, staying at the forefront of industry advancements.