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The Beacon Difference

Why Beacon?

Beacon integrates data from legacy systems and communication channels into a single, smart platform that allows Controllers and MTX Providers to coordinate repairs in real-time

Focus on Feet Availability

Get a systemic view over fleet availability while reducing compliance failure.

Improve Team Coordination

Increase manpower by reducing time wasted switching between multiple screens and channels.

Access Data-Driven Insights

Easily collect and process data to quickly identity causes that affect the bottom line.

Real-time updates, Seamless Coordination

Eliminate wait times and stay up to speed with real-time notifications

Less hassle, More Human-power

Better communication, less chaos in turnovers and more team bandwidth.

Access to previous Case Resources

Quick access to previous job history and similar cases for faster troubleshooting.


Explore the Beacon FAQ for all your questions. Need more help? Please chat with our team or visit our Help Center for specific MRO and operator inquiries
How should I access Beacon?
As a technician, you must download the Beacon Works app on your mobile or tablet. Once you log in, you will see all cases assigned to you, and you will be able to start maintenance, send messages and attach pictures, videos and documents through the chat;  finish maintenance, upload the logbook page, inform corrective action, finish maintenance and learn from closed cases.
As a Maintenance leader, use your computer, tablet or mobile to access the Web App through the link in your preferred browser.As a maintenance leader, you can access the Case Dashboard, create, delegate and close cases, collaborate through the chat, manage your team, access insights about your fleet if applicable and more.
Reset Password
Click here to go to the Beacon log in page and click on "Forgot password”. Once in the page, enter your email and click on Reset Password. Remember to use the same email you use to log in to Beacon.You'll receive an email from Click on the link to reset your password. Click on the link and enter your new password.
Can I invite a partner from outside my Organization to collaborate on a MTX Case?
Yes. You are able to invite any third party collaborators to join any MTX Case even if they don’t own a Beacon account. Beacon will grant access to join a Case and it’s chat feature.
You’ve been invited to join a MTX case in Beacon as a third party collaborator. Why? What is Beacon? What are the steps to start collaborating?
A partner has invited you to join the Beacon platform to MTX collaborate on a MTX Case because they believe Beacon's technology is helping them collaborate better to accelerate return-to-service.*Please note that for security reasons, you have 24 hours to sign in. If this deadline expires, please contact us at

1. You've been invited to collaborate in Beacon
You will receive an email invitation to collaborate on a MTX Case from  If the message is not in your inbox, check your spam folder. Remember to add Beacon as an approved sender so you get messages promptly in the future. Open it and click "Let's go to Beacon".

2. Sign up to BeaconRegister your information so we can grant you access to Beacon.
Fill in your First Name, Last Name and create a password. Then, click "Sign up".

3. Provide additional information
Once you sign up, we need additional information to keep you posted on everything that happens on the MTX Cases that concerns you. Please provide your Phone Number and Name of your Organization and decide to “Update now” or “Maybe later".

4. Access the MTX Case
Once you set up your information, you'll land in the Case Dashboard. View all the Cases for which you were granted access. Select the Case you want to collaborate on by clicking on the Case Card.

5. Start collaborating!
The Case Card will open and you'll see all the details and activity happening on the Case. On the chat, you will be able to share messages, documents, images and videos in real-time with all the people involved.

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Frequently asked questions

Have unanswered queries regarding Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) or need detailed insights into specific operator-related concerns?
How is Beacon implemented?
The onboarding process begins with Beacon creating the MROs admin accounts. MROs will receive a welcome email with all of the information needed to get started. Next, MTX admin can add team members which triggers an email invitation to Technicians to join Beacon. After Technicians join and download the app, they will be asked to set their availability. Once that is completed, you will be able to begin receiving, creating and managing cases.
What happens to current systems and tools?
We think of Beacon not as a replacement for existing tools, but instead as an added layer that brings simplicity and ease. Beacon integrates with existing maintenance systems and can optimize communication tools such as WhatsApp, text messaging and phone calls with a more secure solution.
Can we use Beacon on shared devices?
Yes, but each user needs to make sure they login and logoff so that everyone is able to identify the exact mechanics working on and communicating during cases.
What is the cost to use Beacon?
Beacon is free to use for anyone receiving inbound messages or case assignments. If you’d like to make it a larger part of your operation, let’s talk.
Can I submit feedback?
Of course! We welcome any feedback that helps us improve our operations. You can submit feedback to any time, 24 hours a day. Once your feedback is received, we will dispatch our team to respond to your question.
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As an Operator, what can Beacon do for me?
Beacon is the fastest way to log an Out of Service event and connect all of your maintenance teams in one place. With Beacon, you can troubleshoot across multiple devices, while having everyone you need join a case and return your aircraft to service.
Does Beacon store data?
Yes. All personal data stored by Beacon are listed on Privacy Policy.
What verification process does Beacon have for signup?
In order to use Beacon, individuals must create a profile, list their company, and then receive authorization through a double verification process that is both automated and manual. This ensures that only real, certified individuals are able to create a profile.
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